An Introduction to Free Casino Cash

All of us love freebies, especially if it is money, and that is what the online casino industry uses as strategy to attract more traffic or player volumes. The concept of free casino cash is relatively new, and has come into existence ever since the gambling industry went online and online casinos started mushrooming across the Internet.

All online casinos need a solid marketing and sales strategy to ensure more and more players come and register with them and play the games available. While traditional casinos operated differently, where people with money came there and played the games available, the Internet brought about a complete change in the way casinos operated online.

The advent of the online casinos ensured the gambling industry could reach people across the world right in their homes. Not just that, they also offered numerous incentives to players to get them to register with them and play the games available, and one of them is free casino cash.

More about Free Casino Cash

So what exactly is free casino cash? It is free cash that an online casino gives out to prospective players who visit the website. In the case of traditional land-based casinos, the freebies were slightly different – free beverages, complimentary food, and sometimes, even cashbacks.

Online casinos took the concept one step further; they started offering free money to players so they could use it to enhance their bankroll and in some cases, use it to fund their games even. The concept is simple: offer money as incentive to get new players to sign up and also have older players continue playing at the casino.

Types of Free Casino Cash

Free casino cash is usually in two forms, mainly. The first type is where the casino gives you a certain amount when you sign up with them. The second type is where the casino gives you a certain amount as bonus when you sign up with them and make the initial deposit. The difference is that in the first type, you get the bonus even before you make a deposit into your casino account.

When it comes to free casino cash on registering an account, there are different types of offers that casinos have. In some cases, the casino offers a fixed amount of money to get you started, say $10. In other cases, there could be a time constraint attached, in which case the amount on offer is usually big. For instance, a casino could offer you a free casino cash bonus of $300 that you would need to spend in, say, 60 minutes, and you get to keep whatever you win during that time period.

In the case of free casino cash on making the first deposit into your casino account, the bonus on offer is usually a percentile of the amount you deposited. The amounts also vary, and there is invariably an upper limit involved. While some casinos give 100% bonuses, there are others who up the ante and end up providing massive bonuses, even as high as 300%.

The important thing about free casino cash is that it has proved to be a very successful business strategy, and that is why you see more and more online casinos that offer huge cash bonuses as part of their promotional strategy. However, even though the money on offer is free, you must understand that there are certain terms and conditions that govern the way you can make use of them. It is important that you go through the terms and conditions attached with the free casino cash bonuses before making use of them.

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