Freebies are something that attracts everyone and that to if it is in the form of money, there is no doubt. Offering freebies is one of the most important strategies used by many to attract traffic. Online casino industry is not an exception to it; they use the same strategy to increase the player volume and to attract more traffic. Free casino cash is relatively a new term that came into existence only after gambling industry went online. Many online casinos started mushrooming and there raised a need to ensure more players. Sales strategy and solid marketing are only ways to increase traffic and get more players registered.

In traditional casino, people are allowed to play only when they have money, but this has been completely changed by online casinos. The introduction of online casinos ensured that gambling industry could reach people easily across the world. These online casinos offered numerous incentives to people to get them registered, one of which is free casino cash.

Do you know what free casino cash is? As the name implies it is free cash that online casino gives to potential players who visit the online website. On the other hand, in traditional casinos, the freebies offered are slightly different, they are in the form of complimentary food, free beverages and very few times only it is cash back. In online casinos, free cash is given to the players which can be used to fund their games or to improve their bankroll. With this concept, almost all casinos get new players registered and at the same time old players continuing.

There are two types of free casino cash. When a player registers with the casino, he or she will get certain amount deposited into their casino account while registering. On the other hand, the second type is where the player gets some amount as bonus while registering and make the initial deposit. The difference between the two types is, you get bonus in the first type even before you deposit into your casino account. Every player gets free casino cash on registration, but the type of offer may vary. Normally all casinos offer a fixed amount say $10 on registration and there will not be any time limit. But some casinos offer a very big amount say around $300 on registration, but there will be time constraint. The amount of $300 should be used within 60 minutes and the player gets to keep what he or she wins during that time. This is typically like taking a chance, but when you win you get good amount.

When you first deposit into your casino account, you become eligible to get a percentile of the deposited amount as bonus. The bonus percentage varies from one casino to another, while most casinos provide 100% bonus there are some casinos that provide massive bonuses which may even go up to 300%.  To conclude, free casino cash has proved to be one of the best strategies. But you should understand that there are certain terms and conditions that govern the way you make use of free casino cash.