An Introduction to Online Casinos and Free Play

One of the most significant events for the entire gambling industry was the decision to go online.  The gambling industry opting for an online presence changed the entire face of the industry. No longer was gambling at casinos an event that required you to travel to a casino and play within its physical boundaries. The Internet literally opened up the entire world and reduced accessibility to a non-issue, be it for online casinos or anything else.

Online casinos are accessible to players from across the world, as long as they are located in a country that does not have a ban on online gambling and as long as they are over the legal age limit for gambling as per their country’s laws. So how do you play at online casinos? There are two major ways you can play – you can play for free or you can actually gamble, i.e., play for real money.

Free Play Casinos – Where are They?

You may be wondering where you have to search for free play casinos. You do not really have to search too hard or long: all online casinos offer free play. Free play is something that is exactly what the name suggests: a freebie.

All you need to do is go to the home page of an online casino that you want to play at and check if it offers the option of playing for free, which it usually does 99% of the time.

Why Free Play Casinos are Popular

So why would a casino offer you the option of playing for free, when it already has a section that allows people to play for real money? The reason is simple: it is just great strategy. All players opting to play for free are basically potential conversions to real money play.

Look at it this way: I come to your online casino and opt to play for free. I get a limited number of games to play, or may be I get the entire range of games that a real money player gets. Since there is no money involved, I go all out and have a great time and over a period of time, I may feel confident enough to move one notch up the ladder and try my hand at the real money games.

A major advantage that free play casinos offer players is the ability to practice the games on offer and improve their skill levels, if the game they choose to play requires luck and also skill. Even if you are playing a game that is purely based on luck, opting to play for free first gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of the game and increase your confidence levels until you are ready to play for money. Free play casinos are also great for people who look to play online casinos just for the fun factor and are not into gambling.

Types of Free Play Casino Games

Basically, there are two types of free play casino games that you get. One type requires you to download the software to your computer, after which you can click the Free Play button and start playing for free. The other type is the Flash casino. You can play at this type of free play casino directly from a browser; you do not have to download the software to your computer. Whichever type of free play casino you choose, you need to, however, register an account with the casino before playing the games available for free.

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