Why is free money offered at an online casino site?

Thanks to the widespread success of the Internet and to technological development, online casinos have become an attractive and convenient form of entertainment.  At many online casino sites, free money is offered to new players. It should firstly be noted that some players may be unwilling to deposit funds at an online casinosite before trying out the site. Free money at an online casino site can be used by players to sample different casino pursuits and to experience the feel of a particular gaming site. In many cases it can therefore be worthwhile to take advantage of free money offers at an online casino.

There are some new players that may be reluctant to take advantage of free money offers at an online casino site, before understanding the motives behind this bonus. Some players may be apprehensive when a site may quote free money and such players may not believe that this is really free casino money.  However, there really is an element at some online casino where free money is offered for play.

Free money at an online casino site could be explained as a marketing tactic.  In the majority of cases, it is used either to attract new players in the first place or to persuade players to register at the site and to play with free money without having to make a deposit.

The main intention is that once a player has accessed a site with the free money and hopefully enjoyed a great experience, then the player would want to stay at the site for more gaming opportunities. Therefore free money may encourage players to begin playing at the site for real money.

After allowing the player to sample the gaming entertainment and to experience the feel of top casino games online – the hope is that a player would then wish to continue playing  – and make a deposit.

However, even if free money is offered for marketing purposes, this can certainly be put to good use by players. Whatever the reason on the part of the casino, if it benefits the player then it can be a worthwhile venture.

Free money enables players to sample a particular online casino site and get a feel of the gaming environment and experience. Some players may only try out certain sites according to the special bonuses and due to the free money that is offered.

Even though they may be prepared to play for real money at a later stage, they would prefer to try out the site first before placing funds on the table.  In such a case, the concept of free money works.  One can also see why a casino would offer free money to new customers.  This is a great way to attract new customers to an online casino site.  It is then the casino’s challenge to make sure that the new players stay at the site.